Founded in the late 90s, with a team over 100 persons and office presence in the main geographical regions across China, FMC is one of the leading executive search firms in this country.

Since its start, FMC has successfully helped clients placing more than 8,000 competitive positions (by the end of 2017) in the dynamic market of China. These placements ranged from professional jobs, to middle managerial positions and regional business heads.

Our experience generated from this recruitment practice covers all major business sectors and functional areas. Meanwhile, through these placements, we have successfully demonstrated our operation capability in over 65 cities in China. Our clients range across industries, from the world's largest companies to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups.

However, there is one thing universal about our clients, which is they come to us for the results we could bring up to them. This is why we believe the key to maintain the relationship with our clients is our performance.

During the past decade, FMC enjoyed a fast and healthy growth. In the way of our growth, we have acquired our taste that search business is not about doing tricks to provide "bullets" against recruiting urgency and stress, but about offering the value we could add—helping our clients to build their success in business and individuals in their careers.

FMC Mission
  • Helping our clients to build their success in business and individuals in their careers
  • To be one of the most competitive consulting firms in China
  • To extend our reputation as a performance-oriented professional consulting firm
  • To share the success of business with all our people
FMC Working Tradition
  • Work Hard
    Greater success can only be achieved by working harder.
  • Work Smart
    The champion of 100 meter dash will be slower than an average driver in a long race because their ways of moving forward determines it.
  • Work in a Team
    With the right dynamic, a collection of ordinary individuals can achieve extraordinary results.
  • Grow Healthily
    We believe the company‘s growth depending on the people development, every details of the management and its culture.

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